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Knee Injuries Can Make Everyday Activities Become Slow And Difficult.

Life slows right down and your overall health can deteriorate quickly.

The good news is that with the right chiropractic care, you can see major improvements and get free from the pain.

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The right care starts with the right diagnosis. 

Attention to the details. 

Practitioners may throw big words like “patellofemoral syndrome” at you, and prescribe ice and medication, leaving you to “heal on your own.”

We provide cutting-edge treatments like Active Release Techniques, Laser Therapy and Computerized Gait and Posture Analysis to give you a truly custom care program for your knee pain.  

Your initial examination will include everything you need to plan your course of care to take care of your knee pain.  

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Active Release Techniques (ART) for Knee Pain

The gold-standard in soft-tissue diagnosis and treatment.  

An ART-certified practitioner is trained to analyze and treat the specific anatomical structures of the knee.  

Over time, injured areas develop scar tissue which creates friction and pain.  This can occur in the joint capsule, muscles, menisci, and ligaments of the front, sides or back of the knee.  

Specific treatments are provided to improve the texture and movement of these muscles, ligaments and tendons to reduce pain and improve performance.  

A chiropractor trained in Active Release Techniques can apply specific treatments to sometimes instantly decrease pain and restore normal texture and movement to muscles of the leg.  

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Laser Therapy to Accelerate Healing

State-of-the-art technology for challenging cases.

Class-4 (also known as deep tissue) laser therapy accelerates the healing process by stimulating the mitochondria of the cells.  This increases the metabolism of the cells and increases healing. 

The result is less pain and faster results for the most complex problems.  Class-4 laser is available in our office for an affordable price.  



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Alignment is Essential

Postural analysis and arch analysis are key to discovering the cause.  

The knee is a hinged joint which bends in one direction.  Even a small deviation can cause friction and pain.  This means that the joints above (hips) and below (ankles and feet) can have a profound effect on the alignment and health of the knees.  

Problems with the knee often origninate in the pelvis, which can be realigned with chiropractic care.  

Problems with the spine can change the behaviour of the muscles going to the leg, decreasing the coordination of the knee.  Chiropractic care improves the function of the nerves going from the lumbar spine to the quadriceps and other muscles of the leg.  

Eighty percent of people have problems with arches in the feet.  A computerized arch scan will help us understand if you need additional support using custom orthotics.