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What We’re About

Una Vita Chiropractic was opened in 2000 by Dr. Gary Barone (as Newport Village Chiropractic) in Port Moody.
Una Vita’s Mission is to help you free your body to become your whole, unique self.  We customize thoughtful care programs for every generation, including athletes, pregnancy and newborns.

About Una Vita Chiropractic

Una Vita began as Newport Village Chiropractic in a small space in Newport Village in 2000, providing a home for chiropractic and allied health services.

In 2016 the office moved to its current larger office, also in Newport Village, and in 2018, the name was changed to Una Vita Chiropractic & Health Inc. In 2021, Una Vita Chiropractic was voted favourite chiropractic clinic in Port Moody by Tri-City residents.  

Una Vita’s Mission is to help you free your body to become your whole, unique self. “Una Vita” is Italian for “One Life.”  We support your urgent striving for wholeness during your entire life. It’s our desire to help people of every generation during the full length of their life, from pregnancy onward.  

We began with a vision to support and cultivate the now massive culture that values natural innate healing over the use of medication. We developed and grew because of our passion for perfection in sport and performance.

We continuously hone our skills, and embrace the newest research and technology to humbly learn and grow. All this with one goal for each visit: a fun and uplifting experience that helps you get health freedom, so you can achieve your hopes and dreams.  


The Culture of Natural Innate Healing

My name is Gary Barone, and I am the proud owner of Una Vita Chiropractic & Health Inc.  

I chose to be a chiropractor instead of a medical doctor because my mother was healed by chiropractic after suffering for decades under failed medical care.  

This suffering included two hospital stays that were the result of the side effects of her many medications.  She later inspired me with her daring choice to see a chiropractor so she could live naturally, without medications, echoing the Sardinian culture of her youth.    

In my over 2o years in practice, I have seen similarities in our community’s ubiquitous desire to avoid medications.  I have seen this culture of natural innate healing growing in Port Moody.  

Chiropractic care has been proven to reduce pharmaceutical use by up to 85% percent.  I know firsthand that Una Vita’s care can be the first massive step for many to have the freedom they want to live and heal naturally. 

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