About Una Vita Chiropractic

Helping You Feel & Live Your Best.

A woman receiving a massage on a table in an office setting.

Our Mission

Spinal problems are a critical issue for people of all ages, causing unnecessary pain, suffering and loss.  Our mission is to give every British Columbian perfect spinal health from birth naturally.  

We aim to create a fun and uplifting experience that inspires you and your family to receive thoughtful and personalized chiropractic care to help you feel and live your best.  


The Culture of Natural Innate Healing

My name is Gary Barone, and I am the proud owner of Una Vita Chiropractic & Health Inc.  

I chose to be a chiropractor instead of a medical doctor because my mother was healed by chiropractic after suffering for decades under failed medical care.  

This suffering included two hospital stays that were the result of the side effects of her many medications.  She later inspired me with her daring choice to see a chiropractor so she could live naturally, without medication.    

In my over 2o years in practice, I have seen similarities in our community’s ubiquitous desire to avoid medication.  I have seen this culture of natural innate healing growing in Port Moody.  

Chiropractic care has been proven to reduce pharmaceutical use by up to 85% percent.  I know firsthand that Una Vita’s care can be the first massive step for many to have the freedom they want to live and heal naturally. 

Our 5 Core Values

1: Culture: Bountiful Heath Naturally

We began by embracing the now massive culture of natural health and grew because of our passion for perfection in performance. We believe the body is its own best doctor, and want to help your body heal itself.   We will always promote the best possible natural health without fear. 

2: Quality: Thoughtful and Personalized for Any Age

First, we align the spine and improve posture using gentle adjusting methods.  This maximizes comfort for all our guests.  Second, we address the spinal tone to reduce the underlying tension that causes misalignment.  These first two techniques have the intention of reducing interference in the nervous system, which controls our muscles (and the whole body).  The third step is to normalize motion using Active Release Techniques and specific adjustments in specific areas to get your body moving and flowing.

3: Evolution: Science Changes and So Do We

We welcome progress and technology so we can minimize guesswork. We use computerized posture analysis, computerized range of motion, muscle EMG scans, heart rate variability and thermal scan on every examination.  When appropriate, we use computerized gait analysis.  These scans give us objective outcome markers, which are data we can use to track your progress, a step lacking in many other practices. We even offer affordable class 4 laser therapy to accelerate healing.

4: Far-Sided Simplicity: Health is Complex, Your Visits Aren't

We always listen and continuously train to be more gentle and safe.  We strive for courtesy so you and your family are smiling and feel at home.  We work hard to make your visits fast and efficient without compromising care.  Scheduling is convenient both online and over the phone.  We train our staff to handle you with more care.  It is our job to never stop so that you and your family can keep going.

5: Honesty: The Least Intervention for the Best Possible Health

We promise we will provide no care unless it is needed to help you reach YOUR goals.  We will check and modify your care at every visit and at every exam.

We promise to do our best to listen to your needs and offer you the best care to help you and your family.   Our only motive is to give you the best healthcare experience possible and never, ever put you under any unwanted pressure.