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33% of Kids Get Back Pain. Please Have Them Checked.

The birthing process can place significant stress on the spine and nervous system.   In a large study with 1000 newborn babies, Viola Frymann DO, found that only 10 percent of new babies have little or no inutero or birth strains, 80 percent have moderate strains and 10 percent have severe strains.  

A baby with severe stress on the spine and nervous system will often have problems such as:

  • difficulty sleeping,
  • excessive crying,
  • stiff neck muscles,
  • a misshapen head, and
  • preference to turn the head or latch in one direction.  

What is Pediatric Chiropractic?

Reduce Stress, Feel Great

By checking your child as early as possible, gentle corrections can be made to prevent problems from becoming permanent. The sooner your newborn is checked by a pediatric chiropractor the better.

A chiropractor Certified by the Academy of the College of Chiropractic Pediatrics (CACCP) is specially trained to provide cranial and spinal care to newborns and small children.  

Problems can appear in the growth process at any time.  This is especially true during growth milestones, such as beginning to crawl or walk, as the body learns to adapt to new forms of stress.  

Regular chiropractic care beginning at birth, and about once every month (or as directed by your chiropractor) allows their bodies to do what they are meant to do: grow, thrive and meet their milestones.

children playing

Play Can Be Stressful

Constant falls can seem minor now, but can accumulate into major problems. Pediatric chiropractic can relieve stress on the nervous system, allowing your child to live a healthy and happier life.   The right care now can protect your children from being stopped by health problems, like back pain and headaches.  

Children love chiropractic! Once they realize it doesn’t hurt, they look forward to the appointments because it makes them feel stronger and happier.  

What to Expect

Infants, Toddlers, Older Kids Welcome!

Simply schedule an initial visit for your child.  

Unlike adults infants under 2 years old can start care on the first visit, if appropriate.  We use only the gentlest techniques (no “cracking”) and the adjustment will never hurt.  In fact if your baby arrives asleep, they will likely remain sleeping for the whole visit.  

If your child is 3-11 years old, we will use only the gentlest techniques (no “cracking”).  After your exam we will send a video report reviewing the posture screen, thermal scan, EMG and HRV.  Care begins on the second visit.  

For children 12 and older, can now safely receive all types of adjustments the same as an adult, but much gentler.  After your exam we also provide a video review of the posture screen, thermal scan, EMG and HRV.  Care begins on the second visit.  


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Start your baby on the right path with pediatric chiropractic care. Children have lasting benefits from early chiropractic care. Help your child grow, thrive, and be happy. That’s what every parent wants for their children.

Contact us today and see the difference early treatment can make.