Feel Great Doing The Things You Love
Chiropractic helps you stay healthy and active.

Chiropractic is safe and comfortable holistic care that frees the function of the spine and nervous system.  Your nervous system controls everything.  When your nervous system functions properly you have perfect posture, full strength and coordination and faster healing.  In other words, chiropractic frees your body so you can heal naturally, without medication.

Laser Therapy
Heal Faster, Feel Better

Class 4 Laser works fast, and feels great!  It works using the scientific process of photobiomodulation.  Two specific beams work simultaneously to decrease pain (980nm) and speed up healing (810 nm).

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Custom Orthotics
Stronger Feet, Better Balance

Custom orthotics guide your feet to move perfectly, to develop greater strength and better body balance.  The best part, they are comfortable and provide therapy with every step.  

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